Friday, August 25, 2017

new school year, new school

The little man started fifth grade on Wednesday. Fifth grade already! Time has really been flying by. Our address got rezoned so him and his sister are going to a different school this year. I was not very happy about it at first because I have gotten used to the rules and routines of the previous school. I even did a transfer request so they could keep going to their old school but he wanted to try the new school and it is nearer to our house so I called the school and have them transferred to the new one. The first three days were good so far. The little girl asked why her friends from kindergarten were not at the new school and I had to explain to her the hows and the whys. She seems to be fine with it now. As for the little man, he said he likes this new school and he likes his gifted and talented teacher so it is good. It helps that this school is newly built. This year is the first year that it is being used and it is very modern and I like the looks and feel of it. I hope for an enjoyable year of learning for my babies.

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