Tuesday, May 2, 2017

planning activities for summer break

In about a month, school will be out. The kids will be home all day long, every day. If I know my kids, they will want to be online at all times. To prevent this form happening, the husband and I have already started planning what to do to keep the kids busy. I am sure there will be plenty of trips to the beach to let them play and, if possible, to walk. The little man is also already enrolled for summer classes which he is looking forward to attending. I am thinking of enrolling him in a piano lesson class but I am not sure if it will happen. I have been putting this off for years now that I should just go on ahead and do it. I guess we will see in a few weeks. Speaking of piano lessons, a few musiciansfriend.com yamaha keyboards look interesting to me. It will be nice to get one for the little man but not before he learns how to play the piano better.

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