Tuesday, March 28, 2017

he wants a new musical instrument

So, the little man said he wants to learn to play the ukelele. He has not even mastered playing a piece on the guitar and now he wants to do something else. I told him I will not buy another musical instrument unless he can show me proof that he has mastered a single piece on the instruments that he has at home. Even the husband is in agreement with me over this issue. I know that if he applies himself, he can master any piece he wants in the piano, although I am not so sure about the guitar because it is a bit harder to learn. The little man said he will try, albeit grudgingly. He will have to get over it though because I am not giving in on this one. It is a shame too because if he only show mastery on how to play the musical instruments we have at home I would have given him something new to play with. I may even consider getting him a banjo seeing that there are a few banjos for sale at guitarcenter.com. Maybe I have made my point and he will make sure to learn more. I can only hope.

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