Tuesday, February 21, 2017

bye, bye blankies!

These have been the little man's companion since he was little. The grayish looking one in the bottom used to be lighter blue. He has had it since he was a baby. The brown one is only a few years old. These two went on trips with us. Just recently though, he decided to give them both up. I was told not to throw them away just yet, just put them up somewhere just in case he will need them. He has not asked for either in a while. I am so proud of him! But at the same time, I am sad because he is growing up. He will be eleven years old in a few months and he has grown so much since that day daddy decided his little baby will need something to comfort him when he is upset. I have decided to keep the blankies, if nothing else but for the good and bad (these two have caused commotions a handful of times) memories they have brought us through the years.

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