Saturday, December 24, 2016

wii u

The little man will get a wii u for Christmas. He already knows what he will get. He already knows the truth about Santa because his father had a talk to him about the guy in a red suit. I was not happy when it happened because I wanted him to believe for as long as he wants to but I was told that his son's list have become outrageous that it was time to tell him the truth. He is told not to tell his sister though which he agrees. So while his sister is talking about how excited she is about Santa bringing presents, he keeps his mouth shut. I think he may be a little bit excited for her. We talked about his options: either an xbox or a wii u. I would have bought the xbox for him but I have worries about the available games which I think is too mature for his age. Fortunately for me, he said he wanted a wii u so we agreed that that was what I was going to get him. I also bought amiibos to go with the pre-installed game. He is very happy. He will be a busy kid come Christmas morning when he sets up his new game console.

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