Thursday, October 20, 2016

field trip

The little man informed us today that his class is going on a field trip. He is pretty excited because they are going to be visiting an old tribal ground. This is for their Social Studies class. I am always okay with field trips but my husband always has reservations. He wants to know who will be going, who will chaperone and if parents are allowed to chaperone. Our school district implemented a policy a couple of years ago where any chaperone will have to have a volunteer ID to chaperone any school related activities. This requires submitting an application and background checks and such and normally takes a few weeks to complete. The husband and I have our volunteer ID's because we know that school have field trips and that we want to be able to go if we can. Anyway, I told the little man he can go if daddy goes with him. Daddy looked at me and asked why him. Lol! To be honest, I have not chaperoned on any of the little man's field trip. The husband did that. But he said I will have to go with the little girl's field trip this time so I should not feel bad making him go with the little man, right? I do not think the little man will want to pass this field trip up so we will have to make a decision very soon. I would have loved to go on field trips when I was in school. That never happened in my nick of the woods.

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