Wednesday, August 17, 2016

fourth grade!

The little man starts fourth grade today. He is excited, as usual. It may be because his little sister is going in the same school too. She starts kindergarten this year. This year, he is tasked to walk his sister to the kindergartners' meeting room before he walks to the big kids' meeting room. He is not doing it today though. I will be walking the little girl straight to her classroom today and tomorrow while he walks to his classroom by himself. I will try to check on him after I make sure the little girl is situated in her room. This will be the first year I will not walk with him but he said he is fine with it. In fact, he is ecstatic about going to his classroom by himself. He is a big kid, see? Lol. I hope the kids will have a good day today. I know the little man will be because he knows most of the kids in his class. The little girl will have to do a lot of adjustments which worries me a bit. It might be for nothing though. After all, I worried about the little man when he started first grade but he did fine. I cannot wait for the stories I will hear when they get home from school.

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