Friday, July 31, 2015

home improvement

When the husband goes to home improvement stores, he always asks if I want to tag along. He knows how I like to look at displays in the stores. I am fascinated with the little things at the hardware section that contain things that are useful but have not known until recently. Because really, how would I know how many sizes of couplings and plugs are there? I found out on our last visit, a lot! I also like to see displays in the home & patio section, not that I would spend that much money on a table and few chairs when I can just continue using the picnic table that we already have in our patio. Although I must admit that I did make my husband buy a patio umbrella for the table because I cannot stand the glare of the sun. It is not as glamorous but it serves its purpose, you know? And last, I like to check on the garden section for any plants that is on sale that I just might want to buy. Just so you know, I do not look for flowers and such. I should, but I actually like vegetables and herbs more useful. With all the things I want to do, I understand when sometimes he does not want me to tag along. But he said that he has to ask so as not to hurt my feelings. He is the kind who wants to go in to buy what he wants then come out while I roam the store for hours just looking. So, to keep the peace, I would go when I know he is not in a hurry and stay home when he is. Works well for us.

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