Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mother's day

The kids and I went to the mall for Mother's Day. The husband knows that he married an ever practical woman so instead of spending money on flowers he decided to let me spend his money shopping for things that he said I would rather have. The kids and I had fun going from one store to the next mostly window shopping. The little man helped keep an eye on his little sister while I looked at price tags clothes. We spent hours roaming the mall which was packed that day. He wanted to go to the music store so we went and, again, window shopped. No, we did not need anything from the music store so we just looked at pianos, tapped some drums, and wondered what fender princeton 112 plus are for. Then we got out to check out more stores. The little girl did not want to go. She likes musical instruments, see. The louder, the better. But we told her we cannot stay too long because there were still so many stores to visit. Fortunately for us, she was on an amiable mood that day. I did end up buying several tops and a pair of shorts for me and several tank tops for the little girl. We ended the day with good food and a plan to do it again another day. Next time, the little man said he will go bungee jumping. We will see about that. :D

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