Saturday, May 9, 2015

mad over hats

The little man is fascinated with hats. Every time we go to the store to shop and he sees a hat on display, he tries it on. Then he talks about how good he looks in it. If that does not work, he begs his father (he knows daddy rarely says no) to buy it for him. I have to intervene most of the time or he will end up with plenty of hats which I think is ridiculous considering he is only eight. When, by chance, he got on a website Eli's Western Wear he went straight for the hats. He said he "needs" to get him a cowboy hat. And, oh, sissy should get one too. You can only imagine his reaction when I said no. I mean, how many hats does a kid need? And he only wears them to school on hat days which is like once or twice a year! I did tell him that he can buy all the hats he wants when he starts earning his own money because when I said he can use his current savings to buy the cowboy hat he wants he adamantly said no. I must admit, he looks really good wearing hats.

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