Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The little man handed me a letter from school the other day reminding parents that the school portal is open for early enrollment. Since I already have an account, I decided to enroll him that day. He is now pre-enrolled for third grade. Third grade! How time flies. It was not so long ago when I worried about leaving him on his first day of first grade and here he is almost in third grade. He has learned so much and he has grown a lot in mind and body. He no longer wants me to call him baby and he sometimes does not want me to hold his hand when we walk. It is breaking my heart that my first born is getting really independent. I know he has been independent since day one but this is different. He is growing up and I am getting old. I am proud of him though. He is doing really good at school and it shows in all the test scores he has brought home to us. His father and I pray that he will continue to do good in school and that he will continue to learn more. He told us that he is "so ready for third grade". We hope for a year full of wonders and adventure for our little man.

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