Monday, May 5, 2014

a little beach time

We went to the beach yesterday. It was our first time to go in weeks. The kids and I were dressed for warm weather because it was warm when we left the house. The temperature at the beach was different though, it was still cold especially with the wind blowing hard. Nobody thought to bring a jacket and all of us were really cold. We did tough it out though, we let the kids decide whether or not to stay and since they said stay then the adults did not have much of a choice. The kids played in a tidal pool where the little girl got soaked because she decided to take a dip. They did enjoy the short time we spent yesterday. There were not a lot of people save for some people who were walking with their dogs. People can bring dogs in the afternoon and that is when we get to see lots of dogs, big and small with their cute little dog tags. I had to make sure the kids did not run to the dogs so I had to move which was a good thing to keep me warm. I told the husband we need to go again but it will be when we know the weather will be really warm so we can spend longer hours at the beach and the kids can play until they ask us we need to go home instead of the other way around. It is good to live close to the beach.

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