Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The little man came home one day last week with a registration form for school. It had information in it to register him for second grade in his school. I thought I would wait until school is over before I do it but the husband said to do it now in case there are a lot of enrollees next school year. It is better to make sure he is already on the list so he will have priority over other kids who will enroll in the coming school year. So, I did it last night. He is registered for second grade. My little man, who a lot of people thought will not do good in school because of his bossy attitude and his lack of "training" (i.e. preschool and kindergarten) for regular school. He is growing up quick and is getting so big he is almost my height (just so you know, I am not tall :D). I am proud of him and his accomplishments in and out of school. We clash over a lot of things because I have a tendency to make him do what I want while he insists on what he wants. We always make up though. I never fail to say I am sorry when I know I am in the wrong and I have been teaching him to accept his faults the same way. He is so much better behaved and it helps that he has a good teacher because he is blooming into an intelligent child who thinks independently. I hope he will keep on doing good and that he will have a good teacher next school year. Congratulations kuya. Keep up the good work!

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