Thursday, March 20, 2014

cold, go away!

The little man and I are sick. We thought we were over this bug we contacted last winter but it seems like it is determined to hang on. It is not very bad since we only have the common cold and cough but the symptoms are annoying. Besides, it makes him miss school because we do not want to send him to school knowing he could be contagious. He has missed a few days already but I am grateful that his teacher understands. I am also grateful that the little girl has not contacted anything yet. I hope she will not get sick. It is hard to take care of a sick child when one is sick. At least the little man is old enough to tell me what is wrong with him and to ask for medicine when he is ill. I am trying to distance myself from the little girl so she will not get sick. It is not easy to do but I am working on it. How do I do it? By pretending to be busy, like getting online and looking at beautiful wedding bands even if I do not have use for them. I watch her watching her favorite tv shows, learning new things. I wish I could play with her but right now my head is puffed up it does not feel like it is mine. Sigh! I am sick of being sick. I hope spring and summer will be better for my family health-wise.

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