Saturday, February 1, 2014

multi-player game server

To be honest, I do not know much what the title means. Unless I take it literally. The little man has been playing Minecraft for years now. Yes, years. I bought the game for him in 2010 (if I am not mistaken). He likes to play Minecraft and we let him because he only builds houses and such in it anyway. He always has been playing on his own (single player) though. Now, he was informed that his nephew has a Minecraft account so he wants me to do an upgrade to multi-player so he can play with the other boy. He claims all we need to do is download something on the computer he is using and it should work. Of course, he already watched tutorials on Youtube so he has a little bit of knowledge on the subject. I, on the other hand, is already having a headache trying to follow him. I hope we get this right because I do not want another computer shot because of something we downloaded online. I wish I am a techie person so I can help him. Unfortunately for both of us, I am not. I may have to ask another mom whose kids are on Minecraft too. Perhaps she will be able to enlighten me so I will not feel so d&*b about this game.

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