Sunday, February 2, 2014

getting updates

There are a lot of videos that are being shared on Facebook today. I have watched some but are afraid to even think about opening a few links because I am afraid my computer will get a virus. Those videos I have watched are mostly uploaded by my friends while there were some that are shared and re-shared by my friends. One of these said videos are of a couple doing their wedding dance that was what one would consider not traditional. It was kinda neat, though. I forgot to check if the couple has paid for a choreographer, the likes that would give wedding dance lessons from here, or if they did it on their own. I must admit I still would like to watch the traditional wedding dance but something out of the ordinary as long as artistically done is good too. It makes a wedding more memorable and different in a good way. There are a lot of reasons I check on my Facebook account every now and then. Videos are only part of it. Pictures and status updates are what I am after. After all, I signed up for an account to keep track of my friends and their activities and to let them know what I am doing as well.

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