Monday, January 27, 2014

new favorite

If you have been reading my posts here about the little man, you will remember that he was a picky eater. He still is but he is better than he was before. At least now he tries other food without judging it to be good or bad just by looking at it. I know it sounds silly when a child refuses to eat anything based on what the food looks like but he does it anyway. Lately though, he has been coming out of it. He tastes food that we offer him to eat. He tells us what he likes and we make sure to serve the food he likes while making him try other food. It is a work in progress, has been since he was a baby but we think we are getting there.
This morning, he tried grilled cheese for the first time and he said he likes it. He wanted to know if he can have grilled cheese for breakfast some mornings which we readily said yes. We have offered and made him try grilled cheese before but he always refused it. I don't know what changed his mind but we sure are happy for the change. He also has been eating fruits after I told him he needs to eat healthy. It is not all fine and dandy though because he reverts back to his picky ways but he is more open to change now than he was. Anything is better than nothing, they say. And it sure is. We hope he will get better at trying other food. Then we can work at what is healthy or not while we are it.

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