Thursday, January 23, 2014

a weekend with family

We had visitors over the weekend. The husband's daughter (my stepdaughter) came with her family and spent the weekend with us. She has three kids, the oldest of which is younger than the little man by a few months and the youngest is older than the little girl by a few months. It was chaotic and loud but the adults have learned to divert disaster by keeping the kids occupied. The older kids played with the little man's keyboard ( they loved it so much that their mom is already looking at yamaha keyboards to buy for her kids) while the girls spent a long time huddled over coloring books. Cartoons helped too. And food, of course. We planned on going to a dinner show but the one we wanted to go will not open until February so we stayed home and cooked instead. It was a fun weekend but I was happy when it ended. I have to be honest, I can only have so many people at home so long. I still prefer quiet and peace (if I can get any with the little girl around) most days.

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