Sunday, December 15, 2013

report card

About a week ago, the little man came home with his report card. I am proud to say he is doing good in school. He did not get specific grades because we have been told by his teacher that his school does not do that to all first graders. Academics and grading system starts at second grade so what we have was a report at how he was doing in Math, English (reading and writing), behavior in class and in school, and everything is good so far. His teacher told me that he is a totally different kid from when he first started school. He listens more, he does not complain, and is so excited to learn. He is very good in spelling, has been reading chapter books since school started, and is fairly good at Math. We are very thankful and proud. We are grateful that his teacher knows what his learning level is and she is trying to accommodate him so he can do more. She is also patient with him. I had worries that he might have problems at school because he was not used to following rules but his teacher told us he is a model student. We hope he will continue to be a good student. We want him to have a better future and we think that knowledge and good education is going to help him get it. It is in his best interest to start early.

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