Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas presents

The day before we left for Orlando, Santa dropped off the kids' presents in our living room. It happened while we were out running errands so when we got back, the little man did not know what to think. He was so excited because there were a number of presents for him and his sister. He did not want to open any of the presents because he was afraid to offend Santa. We had to actually talk him into opening the presents by saying there was a reason why Santa dropped the presents early, he must have known we will be out of town during the holiday that was why he made a special trip. It was not very plausible but, fortunately for us, his excitement to know the contents of the boxes overshadowed his apprehension. So, with the little girl's help, they ripped open the presents to see what were in it. The excitement on their faces was well worth the money spent for the presents. The little man kept on gushing about how thankful he is because he got most of the items on his list. He even said he must have been a good boy to receive so many presents. They both got an easel and accompanying art set. While the little girl got girly stuff like Barbie and her sisters, the little man got a bunch of Lego sets. They have been playing with their toys which made us grateful Santa picked the right presents.

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