Tuesday, November 26, 2013

in need of a good massage

I grew up in a place where getting massages is the norm. You have cough? No problem. You go to an old person who massages your cough away. Well, not the cough but the supposed source of the cough which is a dislocated something or other. Fever? Same thing. It might be that we believe because most of the time the massage worked. My husband was a bit skeptical when I told him about it but he now believes that there are some things that a massage is the better option than taking over-the-counter medicines. I cannot do much though, my hands and fingers get tired really easy but I can give a mean massage if you will ask the husband. He said I could probably explore more by attending massage workshops but when I asked him who is going to give me a massage he did not pursue the subject. Smart man, lol. The kids get a massage from me from time to time but they are both ticklish so a session does not end well. I only massage their legs and feet which apparently is where they are both ticklish at. I say, they will get better in time. Speaking of massages, I so want one right now. It may be time to go to the mall to find a good masseur. 

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