Thursday, October 10, 2013

telling time

The little man came home from school one day bragging about how he can read time using analog clock. He was so thrilled. He can and has been able to tell time using digital clock since he knew his numbers. However, telling time using analog clock was a struggle. I could not explain it to him plain enough where he can understand. Thank goodness for his first grade teacher for this one. He looked at his father's wrist watch and told us the time, which was accurate. I thought about getting him a wrist watch of his own, but not from since he is still too young to know the material value of things. I plan on buying him something that is apt for his age, cheap but functional so he will retain and enhance that knowledge by looking at his watch every day. I look forward to him coming home everyday from school to know what he has learned. He is always willing to share even if sometimes he tells me he could not remember what he did at school some days :D

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