Tuesday, October 1, 2013

summer in Florida

We spent a lot of times in Florida in the last few months. We spent days in Key West one week then a couple of weeks later we went to St. Pete's Beach to spend another few days. We even went to Orlando just to eat at my favorite eat-all-you-can seafood place. The husband said it was done to make up for the years we did not travel. Although there were days I wished we were home, I did not complain. I like traveling even if sometimes I do long for my own kitchen. There is nothing better than eating food I fix (even if I would be happier if somebody else does the cooking). Anyway, we had good days at the beach. The kids and I got sunburned. It was awful but, hey, that is what happens when you overspend time building what-nots on the beach, with kids. I did not get to do any adult activity because the kids are our priority. It would have been nice to just hire one of the limos in st petersburg and be driven around to go whenever or wherever without kids but it did not happen. Maybe next time. I know there is a next time because the husband said we will go to Florida again. I do not know when but I am willing to wait.

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