Saturday, October 5, 2013

Key West

Let me share to you a picture taken on one of our trips to Florida. This was at Key West. My kids were happy to play in the water. I let them enjoy hours of water and sun since the water was so calm with barely noticeable waves. The water was so clear too and there was not that many people on the beach. I think this beach is the closest to what the beach is like on the islands in Leyte. There were coconut trees, too! If not for it being too far away to drive, we probably would be back here often. As it is, the husband said it will require a really good reason for us to go back to the Keys because he is not going to spend that much time driving just to see the beach. I guess you could say that was our first and last time to go to Key West. Oh well, at least I have pictures to show for it.

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