Tuesday, August 6, 2013

music stand

The kids were watching Curious George the other day when the little man blurted out "I need a music stand!". Curious George was conducting a band of musicians on that episode and it showed a music stand holding the music sheet. I asked him why he needs a music stand and he said because he needs one to put the music sheet for his portable piano so the little girl cannot get to it. I had to tell him that the portable piano did have a stand that he took off because the little girl knocked it off several times. Besides, it will be awkward to have the music stand high up while the portable piano is on the floor. He thought about it and said I was right. Of course! Lol. I still checked on music stands and found out that K&M Stands are not that expensive, just in case we need one. I should say we will not need it though but I have found it always pays to be on top of things when my family, especially the little man, is involved.

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