Monday, June 3, 2013

sunglasses for him

The little man asked for a pair of sunglasses. He said he needed  one because it is always sunny anymore and he wants to look cool. Who can argue with that? His father bought him a pair of cheap sunglasses when we went to the store one day. He was happy but he said he would have liked one that his older brother has, a ray ban cockpit or something very close to it. It was a good thing we did not buy anything expensive because after only a few days he stopped using the sunglasses because it was obstructing his view. I laughed when he said that because I had the same reaction when I first started wearing prescription eyeglasses. It has something to do with the frame, I think. Maybe he will ask for his sunglasses again when we are outside and the sun is too bright. I hid the sunglasses for now so it will not get lost.

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