Tuesday, June 18, 2013

saving for a new computer

The little man is on a mission. He said he aims to save enough money to buy a new computer so he can play his online games again. He has been "helping" with whatever he thinks we need help with, then asks money for compensation. I told him it is not proper to actually ask your parents to pay a child to do something, that child should help out on his own without waiting for anything in return. He said he understood, it is just that he really needs a new computer. He cracked me up when he said if he only have a gold bar he can sell it so he can have the computer that he wants. Hah! As if I will let him sell something precious just for whim. I guess in this case, I have to be thankful he does not have a gold bar, lol. His father promised that they will buy a new computer but that they will have to wait because there are things we need to spend money on. He is happy with that promise, until he remembers his house on Minecraft then he whines again. He will be alright though, there are a lot of things we can do this summer for him to even think about his online games.

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