Thursday, June 20, 2013

pool party

The husband and I set-up the little man's pool weeks ago. He has been wanting to get in the pool because he claimed it was getting to hot. Since the day it was working, he had been on that pool every day learning how to swim and float. The water gets too cold (at least to me) because it is partly on the shade but he loves it. He constantly invites us to swim with him so we can have a pool party but I am not that brave to get in a cold pool, even if it will make my son happy. The little girl had been in it once but refuses to get back in. I know, I have a very smart little girl. He told me once that when he is on the pool he can always pretend he is at the beach. He does not know it, but he sure sounds so much like somebody I know. Lol. His wish of going to the beach might just happen soon. If he is lucky, he might even hang out at the beach every day when the time comes.

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