Monday, June 24, 2013

floating and invites for a pool party

The little man now knows how to float while on the water. He learned this by constantly being on the pool. He has also been learning to swim, on his own. He has invited everybody that came by to get in the pool with him but nobody has dared to brave the cold water that is in it. All a person needs to do is dip his fingers on the water and he says no. Lol. Even other kids said no. The water is still cold, way cold for a dip. It might have something to do with the pool being partly in a shady spot because I told the husband that was how I wanted it. I did not want the little man exposed to that much sun. So, he has issued invitations to everybody but he still has to have a single person accept so he can have his pool party. The rate his invitations are declined, we will be out of here and he will not get to have a pool party at all. :D

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