Friday, June 21, 2013

because he is bored

I don't know why, but the little man likes to tear little things up. Little things like the rubber cover for the Nintendo Wii remote or the rubber cup holder in the car. He likes to tear things up which annoys me. The other day he spied an old barrel that the husband bought for me to stock my rice so I told him he better not mess with it because the barrel is the kind that use rubber edge seals which makes it the perfect place to store my rice. He told me he was just wondering what was inside the barrel. He can be really smooth, lol. I asked him once why he does it and he said that when he gets bored he just has to do something so he will not go "crazy". I guess he is trying to tell me we need to be doing more so he will not get bored. If only I know what else to do.

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