Tuesday, May 21, 2013

to a party we will go!

We are attending a birthday party this weekend. One half of a Fil-Am couple will be celebrating his birthday and we were invited about a week ago. The husband has said yes and I am hoping he will not change his mind. We will be seeing friends we have not seen for a year because we have stopped going to gatherings for health reasons. The husband is crazy over being very protective with the kids, he refuses to go anywhere when he hears or reads about people being sick for one reason or another. So we stayed home. When we got the invitation last week, he said we will go. I am really hoping we can go. There will be good food at the party and some singing as well. True, the hosts do not have an excellent mic preamp but they have what we need to sing our hearts out. Plus we will have (a few) good friends to chat with. I am already excited!

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