Sunday, May 26, 2013

homemade pancakes

We ran out of store-bought pancakes one morning so I decided to do an online search for an easy pancake recipe to fix for the little man. There were so many that it was hard to decide at first until I started reading reviews and there was this very simple pancake recipe with people gushing over how easy and good it was. I chose that recipe, got all the ingredients out, and started making pancakes while keeping my fingers crossed that the little man will like it. If you still do not know, he is very particular with his food. He either likes it or does not like it. Nothing in between. I served him two pancakes with his favorite breakfast sausage. When asked if he liked the pancakes I made, he said yes. Thank goodness! He even said it was so delicious. We have decided to just make pancakes for him from then on instead of buying frozen pancakes. I make a batch then freeze most of it to be warmed in the microwave when he is ready to have breakfast. It has been working like a charm. The husband is very happy because that is one expense less from our budget. It might not sound much but it does add up in the long run, that is why we are happy that our picky eater likes my homemade pancakes. I still have to go back to that website where I got the recipe from to leave a note and say thank you. That person just made me look like I am good in the kitchen, all for cooking pancakes. :D

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