Sunday, May 19, 2013


The little man found his basketball today and asked his father to air it for him. He then proceeded to practice dribbling on the walkway in the front yard. He was not happy at first because he thought that it was going to be easy but found out it wasn't. He screamed and yelled every time the ball bounces away from him. He even blamed the noise he heard because he said it made him lose his concentration. He is so silly. I had to explain to him that he should lead the ball and not let the ball lead him. It is a toy, after all. When he understood that he actually has control over what he was doing, he started doing good. He can dribble nonstop for a long time. I told him he can walk while dribbling but it was too much for him since today was the first time he did it. Maybe he can practice on that trick tomorrow. Then we can practice shooting basketball on a ring because he does not know how to do that yet. This could be something he will enjoy doing. It will make his Filipino grandparents proud if he ever gets good at basketball. Those two are basketball fans.

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