Tuesday, March 26, 2013

we need to save up

Since the little man sleeps on a regular bed, we made him use our queen mattress then use a metal frame to support it. The husband and I agree that this is temporary, the frame, that is. We plan on getting him a bed frame that has a pull out shelf so it will also serve as a storage for either toys or his shirts and socks.  I already have one design in mind that I found online from a chain store. It is a bit pricey so we will have to save money to get that particular bed frame. It will be perfect for the little man's room and it should free up space which is the plan because we want his room with a lot of free space so it will not look cramped. We want one for the little girl's room too, but we do not have to get her one until she is ready to move to a big girl's bed. Fortunately, it will be a couple of years (at least) before we need to do that so we only have to save for one bed for now.

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