Friday, March 29, 2013

in need of tlc

Our old couch and love seat is in need of a good TLC. We have had both for about five years now so the foams are worn out. It is not just from regular wear and tear though, I am afraid the kids facilitated the event by doing everything to the poor pillows and cushions. The little man scatters the pillows on the floor on a daily basis then jumps on them. If he isn't jumping on the poor pillows he is lying on top of them or making a "fortress" of pillows. I told him not to do it but he seems to enjoy the activities and daddy said he is just being a boy. The little girl does it too. You can only imagine how beat-up the poor things are. The husband said we can have the couch and love seat upholstered instead of buying a new set because we both know how it is going to end up like. That is probably what we will do if we can find a store that does custom foam cushions at affordable price. If it is cheaper than buying a new set, I am all for it. The husband said we can probably do it on our own, buy some cheap foam then stuff the couch and love seat with it. I told him we will pay somebody to do it for us, when the need arise. For now, we will let the kids beat the furniture some more until they get tired of doing it. Seriously, I think the love seat and couch still has a couple of years in them. By that time, the kids should have mellowed down a bit and hopefully will leave them alone.

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