Tuesday, March 5, 2013

if only

If the little man will show not only love for music but talent as well, I would say that the husband and I will support him all the way. It does not matter if it will cost us money, it will be money well spent considering he is into something good. We will provide him with whatever he will need, even if it means buying an apogee ensemble at gc for starters. The thing is, his enthusiasm for  music and musical instruments is starting to fade. The husband is not happy about it while I am hoping that he will eventually get back to playing the piano or the guitar one of these days. Maybe he is burnt out for now. Or maybe he is just trying new things so he can better decide as he gets older what he really enjoys doing. He is very young so we will not force him to do something yet. We know this, we will know for sure in the near future what he wants to do. We just have to wait and be patient.

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