Wednesday, March 13, 2013

how to make a free website

Before I started blogging, I did not know how websites or blogs are made. I had to ask friends, did research online, even had to resort to trial and error when I finally made the decision to try it. Fortunately, there were tutorials on how to make a free website online plus friends who started earlier than me were a fountain of information so it was not so bad. It was hard, but when you have other people helping you every step of the way, laughing at the mistakes you both made, and generally just being there, helped a lot.This blog started out on a free platform. I did not have to pay anything for it until years later when I had the money to pay for its upkeep. I still have old blogs that I don't have to pay anything for them to stay live online. I enjoy what I do, well, sometimes. I do not have any plans (for now) to dabble on making "real" websites because I am happy with what I have. I am content and I am happy with the sites that I keep.

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