Saturday, March 30, 2013

a good plan

Whenever we go on road trips, the husband always talks about flying. He said things would be better if we fly because then he does not have to drive which means he will not be tired when we get to our destination. It also means more places we can visit because he does not have to spend the next day or two recuperating. We would if we could, you know, fly. Trips will be shorter and it means a lot when you have kids both under the age of seven. I raised the issue of transportation when we get to our destination and he said we can just go to a place the likes of thrifty rent a car and choose what vehicle we want to rent so we will have one to use while on vacation. We then will have the means to go to restaurants, visit attractions or theme parks, or just cruise around the place to sight-see. He even said that if financially feasible, he will hire a driver/chauffeur to give him more chance to enjoy the trip and really have a vacation. Of course these are all what-ifs because we both know we cannot afford to fly every time we want to go on vacation nor hire a driver on a rented car but it might just happen one day. We never know, lol. I know that he will do all these things when he is ready and that I am looking forward to it, just to see how everybody will react to something out of the ordinary. For now, we will just have to stick to road trips and using our own vehicles and the husband driving when we go because, clearly, there is no other choice.

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