Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wii u?

The little man said he likes the new Wii U because it looks cool and it can do more than the old Wii that we have. I agree. However, I do not have any plans on getting a Wii U. One, because we cannot afford it and two, because I promised not to bring in any more games for him to go crazy about. He needs to concentrate on learning for school. Academics is more important than being good at the computer or winning video games. Besides, I do not see anything wrong with our old console. As long as it works we will continue using it. There are better things to spend money on (if we have extra) than a new game console. It will be a while before he will get over his fascination with the Wii U but I know he will, especially if he knows I am serious about not buying it.

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