Friday, February 8, 2013

internet security

We have had several computers through the years. Some are still functioning while others have said goodbye, never to be used again. The main reason for the computers saying bye-bye is because of viruses, malwares, and other wares there is that made our old computers useless. We did have a teenager living with us then when he left we had the little man. We never seem to have time to recover from one before the other starts, lol. Anyway, for years now, we have antivirus installed on the remaining "working" computers. I have tried three different providers of anti-virus software and so far I am happy with the latest we are using. I did not know there are more out there though. Perhaps because I have stopped looking. I just found out there is such a thing as ESET NOD32 Antivirus available. It only goes to show how much I know. Well, as I said, I am happy with this latest software we are using so we are not going to change yet. But I have just realized I do not need to stop looking just because I am comfortable. I need to start researching again. Just in case. 

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