Thursday, February 7, 2013

distinguishing needs from wants

When you have a 6 yo who knows how to manipulate an adult, you have to be on your toes all the time. You cannot let your mind wander when he comes near to ask questions because most of the time it always results to him wrestling something out of you based on the answers you provided for his questions. He also is in the habit of saying he "needs" something. It grates on my nerves when he does that especially when it is accompanied by a whine or a lengthy reason. I sat down with him one day to tell him the difference between needs and wants. I had to do it in a way he will understand, with no loopholes so he cannot get back at me. I am getting smarter, eh? Lol. So, I told him that need is something necessary for one's survival. He can use want or say may I when he wants something but to never use need unless it is very important. Of course, everything is important to him so it took a while to sort what is and what isn't but I do think we did good. He now corrects himself when he says need when he only wants to get online or play with his games. It is a work in progress though, learning is. And I do learn with him. I make mistakes, do not doubt that but I work hard to correct my faults. The husband helps too which is a good thing. I must admit he has more patience than I do but we are a team, and we make things work even if sometimes we have to improvise as we go. We only hope our kids will learn from our example.

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