Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a little bit of drama

A bit of 6 yo drama happened a few days ago. All because of AA batteries. The rechargeable aa batteries have all been used with not a one charged while we found out we do not have any disposable batteries left either. The little man who was playing with his Wii needed two batteries for the remote and when he learned there was no other alternative but wait for the rechargeable batteries to get more juice, he was not happy about it. It should have been a simple case of waiting, right? No! When it comes to the little man, every little detail that might seem to be a problem to other kids is a big deal to him. I had to resort to threats for him to settle down. He did eventually and he even get to play with the Wii again, but not before sitting on time out to ponder his bad behavior. I am not happy about having to do that but somebody has to learn to be patient and not raise hell because of a simple case of waiting for batteries to get charged.

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