Wednesday, January 2, 2013

work or school?

When we lived on the east coast, I had this urge to work. The little man was younger though and the husband was against my plan because he would rather I take care of his son than send him to day care to be somebody else charge. I knew it was not doable but my heart was so set in it to a point that I had blank employment application forms hid back while perusing online at the businesses I wanted to get a job at.Of course it did not happen. My son is first priority, after all. The husband's salary is enough to feed and cloth us with extra to send to my parents when they need money. He said I can consider working when the little man is old enough. But then he would rather I go to school so I will have better chance at finding a job that pays more without being overloaded with work. I still have to decide when to start but I have made up my mind to go back to school. I just need the right time to do it. Then I can start looking for jobs. It may sound like a very long time but I have plenty of that floating around here, lol.

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