Friday, January 18, 2013


Somebody is not allowed to get online anymore. For a while anyway. It has something to do with him playing a game that we have told him to stop playing. I find it too advanced and a bit violent for his age and since I caught him playing the game after I specifically told him not to, he is grounded. He is not happy with it nor am I but I have to impose some rules so he will know his limits. He is only six after all. I have made a new account on my laptop to where he can get online and play when we decide to lift the punishment but I have certain websites blocked and parental controls on to make sure he does not stray. I have also made passwords that him and his father (in case he gets tricked into giving the right answer) could not crack by using Visayan password hints. I know it sounds harsh (I was told that it is mean for me to set rules) but somebody has to learn to stay away from bad influences.

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