Wednesday, January 9, 2013

flyers and businesses

When we lived in an apartment complex the first two years of our marriage, the husband and I often got flyers on either our apartment door or in our cars' windshield. It is mostly about Chinese restaurants, small businesses nearby, or special offers from some such store. Sometimes the flyers help us but there were times that we thought they are adding to our trash. They never fail to do that every week too. I guess if one has access to cheap flyers from then it does not cost them so much to order flyers to give away to prospective customers. It is one way of letting people know about small businesses without costing so much. I must admit I miss those flyers. We do not get any more flyers on the windshields living in a house away from neighbors. We get some in the mail but it is not the same as stumbling upon a flyer when you get out of your apartment.

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