Monday, December 10, 2012

useful items?

Since the husband likes to keep stuff for future use, we have plenty of items like nails, screws like socket head cap screw, bolts, nuts, rivets, you name it. No, he does not want to be called a pack rat. He said he just thinks ahead. If I am right, we even have door knobs, and cabinet knobs and handles stashed in the shed. He said one never knows when one needs these items that is why he keeps them in a box where he knows I will not be able to hide it from him. Lol. I am notorious for rearranging his things which makes him frustrated that is why he is keeping his "stash" out of my reach. So far, he has not used any of the items listed above but he said they will come in handy one of these days. Just like he said a set of old, worn out tires will be useful one of these days. :D

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