Saturday, December 8, 2012


After he got "funds" for his nintendo 3ds, the little man asked me to buy Pushmo so he can start playing. It is basically a puzzle game so I bought it for him. He does really good on some levels but there are some levels that are really hard. When he encounters hardship, I come to the rescue. Not much good it does him because I am not really good at puzzles. I try, though which helps him settle down. We have played several games where we were successful. I hate it when he grabs the console from me when I am trying to figure out  a game though. Fortunately for him, he won those times or I would have given him a hard time. The games that we could not win no matter what we tried to do, we look online for walk-through. It is cheating but if it makes my little man happy, why not? He surprises me by completing levels that I have already tried solving with the help of a walk-through but still did not win. He tells me I have to be like him who is very smart. Lol. He is not shy, is he?

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