Thursday, December 6, 2012

monkey see, monkey do

The little man is the prime example of monkey see, monkey do. He mimics his father in almost every thing. He eats what his father does no matter if I have tried to make him eat Filipino dishes since he was a baby. He only eats the food that his father likes. They both love popcorn. They share a like for bacon, macaroni and cheese, pizza, splits pretzels, potato snacks, and more.They eat bread like I eat rice. I have always wanted my kids to eat rice but it seems like I have one who does not like it. I still have to figure out what the little girl wants to eat since she basically just opens her mouth when she is hungry. The little man tries to act like a big person too, that is, until he wants something and does not get it then he starts throwing tantrums (yes, he still does it even if he is already six years old). He is his father's mini-me. It is cute but it also makes me realize that he really is growing up and is getting to a stage where he starts to decide for himself. I like it but I miss my baby boy. Where have the years gone?

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