Saturday, December 15, 2012

he means business

I had a funny conversation with the little man who wanted me to pose for his 3DS game.

Little man: Mom, I need you to pose for me.

Me: What for?

Little man: My game. I need the face of defeat and the game face.

Me: You will have to pay me a lot of money for that!

Little man: It's alright. I have lots of money. I can give you $23. (then it got quiet)

Me: What are you doing?

Little man: Counting my money.

(A few minutes later..)

Little man: Well, I can't spend all my money. You will just have to accept $13.

I laughed so hard. The husband who was listening while this was going on laughed too. He thought his boy was sweet. I say his boy knows business. Lol. I was told by the husband to pose for a dollar. I did better than that, I posed for free. The little man is now happy. But he said he will be happier tomorrow when we resume our photo shoot. Apparently, I need to pose some more. He said there are actually 15 poses! And I wondered why he was ready to pay me?


tx sweetie said...

ga agik ik jud ko dri to be honest. kurata sa kuya ahhh he means business jud diay, seryos na iya day ba. paningli jud kay way pamilyahay sa business malugi ang modelo cge posing hawoy raba cge ngisi inig posing hehe

Poray said...

maayo ug ngisi ang iya kinahanglan nga posing anang naghana ug sumbagay lol arte raba kaayo kay kinahanglan jud perpek ang pose before xa mo take sa picture

analou said...

Your little man indeed knows business sis. I smiled upon reading your pose.