Monday, December 10, 2012


When I was a little kid, I used to watch my older cousins at the disco. Disco is what we call that little (open) area where a person sets-up instruments so he can play songs that the people can dance to, for a fee. It is pretty loud but it is also fun. People from all over normally come over to dance and mingle. There are all kinds of vendors outside the venue that sells mostly food and drinks. It is still around and I am pretty sure they do the same things they used to do when I was little. There might be some improvements on the disco lights and speakers that are being used though. Who is to say that the owner has not considered to shop genz benz, if he has not already done it? For all I know, the instruments used might be newer and better to keep up with the changing times. What is important is that the disco is still alive and well. It is already a part of the Filipino culture, much like the fiesta and other important Filipino celebrations.

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